Whether you’re planning to replace your existing tree or have it removed, there are a few questions you should ask any tree removal service. Although most homeowners are not arborists, they still have a right to know if a company has all the credentials necessary to perform the job properly and its price. If the company seems unprofessional, avoid them! Moreover, ask them for a copy of their work contract.

When deciding to have a tree removed, hire a professional tree service. If the tree is not dead, it may be time to have it removed. A skilled professional can ensure the safe removal of your tree and help you to keep the area around it looking good. Likewise, a tree service can help you maintain healthy trees by pruning them regularly. Trees can be quite dangerous if they are not taken care of properly.

Workplace safety insurance
If you want to avoid a lawsuit due to an accident caused by a tree removal service, you should make sure that workers’ compensation insurance covers them. All states require that businesses carry this type of insurance, and some even mandate it. The industry is notoriously risky, so it’s vital to find a company with this type of insurance. Listed below are some questions you should ask a tree removal service.

Check that the company you’re considering has the proper insurance. The insurance should cover both accidental and intentional harm to employees. It should also cover the tools and equipment used during tree removal. Also, make sure that the company has a certificate of insurance that lists the company name and number. Moreover, check whether the insurance policy is current, as fake insurance statements are becoming more common. To avoid being held liable for injuries that might occur during a job, look for a company that carries these types of insurance.

ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certification
An ISA-certified tree removal service is the best choice for homeowners who want to protect their trees and landscape. A certified arborist oversees tree work and helps identify potential tree health issues. An ISA-certified company will also have a staff of certified arborists. Check out their online reviews to determine whether they have an arborist on the team. A certified arborist is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to avoid a costly mistake.

An ISA-certified arborist will have extensive training and experience in tree biology and care. They will also have passed a comprehensive exam that tests their knowledge of tree care. An ISA-certified arborist is bound by an ethical code of conduct and must adhere to continuing education requirements. An ISA-certified tree removal service is qualified to work safely and efficiently on any tree. Listed below are some of the certifications available to an arborist.

Cost estimate
When getting a price quote for tree removal, there are many factors to consider. The height of the tree is a primary factor. A small tree will cost less than a 30-foot tall tree. Another critical factor is the tree’s diameter. Measuring the diameter at chest level, approximately 4.5 feet above ground level, will give you a better idea of how much the tree will cost to remove. The thicker the trunk, the higher the cost.